Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Below is the privacy policy that applies to InterXS. This applies to both the company and for using one of our services. InterXS reserves the right to make any changes at any time.

Privacy Policy

InterXS fully respects your right to privacy and will not collect any personal information about you without your clear permission. Any personal information, which you volunteer to us, will be treated with the highest standards of security and confidentiality and strictly in accordance with the Data Protection Acts, 1988 and 2003. We will not provide any such information which you provide to us to third parties and any such information will only be used by us in accordance with the purposes for which you have provided same.


Data protection

What happens to your data?

In order to be able to offer you services tailored to your needs, we collect, process and use electronically stored personal data. If you enter your personal data within the scope of this website, they will be electronically stored and further processed by us. In order to ensure that your data will be treated confidentially, we will explain how the handling of your data is regulated.


If you provided us with personally identifiable information, we will only use it to answer your queries, process contracts concluded with you, and for technical administration.

Base data

Master data is personal data that is necessary or useful for the reasons, changes and content of a contract, such as name and address, your telephone number, fax number and / or e-mail address.

How do we store and process your master data?

We store and process your master data as part of the execution of the respective contractual relationship. If you conclude further contracts with us with regard to a contractual relationship already existing with us, we will use the data already stored in the existing contract to manage all contracts. We only pass on your master data to third parties if and to the extent that this is necessary during the course of the contract processing, for example to provide the service you have ordered or for billing, as well as if we have to resort to the data to comply with legal requirements. In particular, we will transmit your telephone connection data to Swisscom AG to order the preselection. Furthermore, as far as necessary, we will transfer your telephone connection data to network operators and technical service providers who cooperate with us in the provision of our telecommunication services. However, your data will always be transmitted only for the purpose of carrying out the appropriate technical measures. Finally, we are obligated by law to make individual records available to investigative authorities or to authorized third parties in certain cases (eg in the case of suspected violations of criminal offenses). In addition, we use addresses recorded by the customer for our own advertising and marketing purposes, in particular for sending advertising by post. The use of your telephone number, fax number or e-mail address for advertising purposes will only be carried out if you expressly wish to do this as a consumer and at least as a trader. You have the right to revoke your consent with effect for the future at any time.

How long do we store your master data?

Upon completion of the contractual relationship and settlement of all mutual claims, the master data will be deleted by us at the end of the following calendar year.

Connection data

Connection data is data obtained when this website is accessed. This is the data collected by us about the retrieval of individual pages of our website, consisting of the data of the file, the date, the time and the data transmitted from your computer such as the IP address (the Internet address of your computer - (The program you use to view the website), the page immediately retrieved from the Internet browser during the retrieval process, such as the operating system used, the preferred language, and the language used immediately by the provider (so-called referers).

If you have activated javascript and / or active content, further purely technical data are transmitted, such as screen resolution, window size and A .. This data is not collected together with your personal data, but stored anonymously and used for the technical function and improvement of the offer .

The handling of connection data, which is incurred in the course of the telecommunication agreements concluded via this website, is not regulated here, but in the respective contracts.

Additional information

If you have questions or come into contact related to the topic "Privacy Policy" please contact us in the way that you can find on our contact page, give this to your question / contact related to the privacy policy allowing this question / comment on is the right person to Interxs