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Welcome on the FAQ-page.

Here you can find our frequently asked questions.

Please take a look at the questions and answers below. Before you contact us, you can take a look at the most frequently asked questions. If this page doesn't have the answer on your question, please contact our helpdesk by mail or phone.


You can become a customer by first selecting one of our products or packages that you want to use. Is the product available? Then you can simply request our services by simply clicking order. If you have successfully completed the orderprocess then you will first be asked to pay the first 2 months in advance. Upon receipt of this payment, the activation process will begin and you are the customer of InterXS.

Do you want to use a package with, among other things, telephony and you don't have a fixed number? That's not a problem at InterXS. During the registration process, you will be asked if you want to continue using your current (fixed) telephone number or you want a new fixed number. If you have indicated a new number, this will be done by our InterXS team. A regional fixed number will then be assigned to you. Have you chosen a number? Then your phone number will be sorted to InterXS so you can continue using it without any problems.

Do you want to make use of a package with, among other things, telephony and you already have a fixed number? That's not a problem at InterXS. During the registration process, you will be asked if you want to continue using your current (fixed) telephone number or you want a new fixed number. If you already have a fixed number, the InterXS team will ensure that the current number is sorted so that you can continue using it without any problems.

Are you experiencing a malfunction or other problem with your subscription? Then contact our support team. You can do this in the following way (s)

  • Log in to your "MYINTERXS" account and go to the support page. Please enter your details and provide the best possible description of the problem you are experiencing. Should you have had any problems with telephony? Then we ask you to describe the call attempt in the message (which number you tried to call and when it was). Our InterXS support team will handle your report as soon as possible.

  • Call our hotline. By calling our hotline, you will immediately contact our support team. They will serve you as well as possible and, if necessary, inform the relevant department about the problem of solving it as quickly as possible.

If you want to get in touch with InterXS, you can do this by using the following methods:

  • You can call our helpdesk. They will be of immediate service to you with all InterXS related issues.

  • Do you have a question regarding your current subscription or are you having a malfunction? Then you can use the support page you can reach by logging in to "MYINTERXS" after completing this form, your question will be handled as soon as possible by the InterXS team.

  • Do you have a question and are you not a customer at InterXS? Then go to the InterXS contact page. Here you can log in without asking your question. These questions will also be handled by the InterXS team as soon as possible.

To see if InterXS can offer its services at your address, you can use our "Speed Checker" on the InterXS homepage.

If you receive a message after testing your address that the test was unsuccessful, your address might not be suitable for an InterXS internet connection.

Is your address not suitable for InterXS and do you still want to subscribe? Let us know by mail. Then we can ask our supplier if more is possible.

You will receive your InterXS invoice by email every month. The monthly subscription fee for the coming month will be charged + the variable call usage of the last month. Only the first 2 months are paid in one go.

All necessary information is included in this invoice.

Are you a new customer? Then you will receive the first invoice immediately by mail after completing your registration. These costs are the first two months of your subscription + any connection / activation fee. After paying this first invoice, your subscription will be further processed and will confirm that you want to become a Client of InterXS.

No, unfortunately, we do not offer email services yet. If we offer this in the future, we will communicate this on the InterXS website.

Should you no longer want to use InterXS? Then indicate this for at least 2 months by one of the following methods.

  • Enter this via the InterXS hotline. Our InterXS team will process your request as soon as possible.

  • Indicates this via the MYINTERXS support page. By completing this form with unsubscribe requests, our team will process your request as quickly as possible.

At present, InterXS offers its products and packages only in Switzerland. There are currently no plans to further prepare our services to other countries.

After the contract has expired, you could terminate your subscription. There is a notice period of two months. We assume, however, that you are satisfied with our service, and that you stay with us as an InterXS customer. If you still want to cancel, you can let us know by mail or telephone.

If you have purchased your modem from us, the modem will be yours after the contract duration. If you borrowed your modem, it must be returned to us after termination of the contract. If you are happy with our services, your subscription will just continue.

The Net Service Number (NSN) is a number that is connected to the VDSL internet line (copper connection). The NSN-number is usually unknown to you as a customer because it is not actively used. The NSN-number is used for administrative purposes, so that a line on which no fixed connection is active, can be managed. With the NSN number we can recognize your copper pipeline.

The NSN number is important to you when you move or transfer from another provider. With the help of a valid NSN-number on the new internet address, we can connect the internet signal on the same line. Normally, no electrician is required to the fusebox (UP). Usually the NSN-number can be requested from the previous provider to whom the connection last belonged.

We always try to connect you on the existing NSN-Number. Sometimes, the NSN number can not be found, or does not yet exist. In this case, a new NSN-number must be requested. In order to activate your subscription on a new connection, an electrician is required, to activatie the terminal in the fusebox. This is a simple operation. Unfortunately the additional costs for the customer are not included in the subscription.

Due to the scarcity of IPv4 addresses, we use a (private, and therefore not externally accessible) Carrier Grade NAT-IPv4 address. This means that services such as Portforwarding are not possible. You will receive a fixed /64 IPv6 address from us. The internet service and telephone service works best on this. Sometimes it happens that customers need an IPv4 address for certain internet services. The disadvantage of this is that the telephone service only works via an IPv6 connection. However, because these IPv4 addresses are scarce nowadays, we have to charge additional costs for this. For 5 CHF per month it is possible to obtain an additional public/static IPv4 address. Both options function again. If you are interested in this, please let us know by e-mail after you have registered with InterXS.

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